Rellinars makes an ideal setting off point for mountain biking, walking and horseriding as it is on the GR5 route and different routes of natural beauty: the “dry stone” route, the “Route of the 3 Mounts” and the Montserrat mountain.

We provide all you need to get to know the area: maps, GPS tracks, etc, for self-guided tours and of course


Montserrat is a mountain chain with a unique structure lies to the west of the River Llobregat, with its highest peak being 1,234 metres at the summit of San Jerónimo. Other peaks in Montserrat are: el Cavall Bernat, las Agulles, el Serrat del Moro, el Montgros, Sant Joan, la Palomera, etc. Montserrat mountain was declared a national park in 1987.

To say it is a distinctive mountain chain is an understatement as its rock formations are spectacular. Another unique feature is the famous elevated Monastery of Montserrat, a

Benedictine monk’s retreat devoted to the Mother of God of Montserrat. (Madre de Dios de Montserrat).


The protected areas or natural park of Sant Llorenç de Munt and mountain range of Obac includes both the Sant Llorenç de Munt and the Obac mountain ranges.

It was declared protected area status in July 1972. It is currently managed by the Barcelona regional council and is located between the regions of Bages, Vallés occidental and Vallés oriental.

Its highest peaks are: la Mola (1102,9) and el Montcau (1056,7). On the summit of la Mola is the Romanesque Monastery of Sant Llorenç de Munt.

The Obac mountain range is not as high as Sant Llorenç de Munt, its highest peaks being Castellsapera (939,3 m), Castellar (931 m) and Tres Creus (929,7 m).

The central point of the park is the peak of Estenalles (870,4 m) where you can find an information centre.

There are various signposted routes throughout the park which explain the region’s spectacular natural and cultural heritage.

Some of the routes are provided with explanatory leaflets so walkers can go on self-guided



For keen bikers Rellinars makes a wonderful starting point for cycling routes for bikers of all levels. In Can Seuba, there are 20 cycling routes which have the starting point in Rellinars with a complete description of slopes, timings, sights and maps: Btt por los alrededores de Rellinars.

Rellinars is one of the stages of the “Vuelta a

Cataluña” the professional annual cycle road race which covered more than 1,700 kilometres in 2010.

You can see some routes here: Camins d’en Capablanca.


 Please read more about  horse routes   in Catalunya horse association’s web



Rellinars, on the border of the regions of Bages and el Vallés occidental, has always had a history of wine making. Its climate, low rainfall, perfect soil and moderately cool temperatures just as the grape is ripening, make a perfect environment for viniculture.

Our house, Can Seuba, has a winery and a wine cellar, and was a local centre of wine production in years gone by.

Take a trip through various wine routes

in el Bages and el Vallés occidental and discover its natural beauty and excellent wines.

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