How to get there

Rellinars is 50 km. from Barcelona, 7 km. from Castelbell i el Vilar, 15 km. from Terrassa and 15 km. from Manresa.

Our address is 48 Emili Riera Street.

public transport

The bus service “Transports Generals d’Olesa, S.A.” , which runs the M12 line which does the Terrassa – Rellinars – Castellbell and Vilar route.


The B-122 road goes from Rellinars to Terrassa and Castellbell and el Vilar.


Our exact coordenates are 41.638416628917795 North and 1.908847689628601 East.

how to get there

You can get to Rellinars from Barcelona via the AP7 direction Tarragona-Lleida until the exit A2 National Lleida-Túnel del Cadí .At this exit take the C55 road

direction Manresa, which goes past the villages Olesa de Montserrat and Monistrol de Montserrat. When you have gone through the Bogunyà tunnel, at the 18th kilometer, you need to take the road to Castellbel I el Vilar-Marganell, which after only a few meters diverges into two directions.You need to turn left and then pass under the road and over the Llobregat River, where you’ll find the turning towards B-122 road to Rellinars (7 km). Right at the 16th km. of the road, there is signpost RELLINARS. Here on the left you will find a road coming out toward the church and the centre of the village. This is Emili Riera road. You only need to get to number 48, where a fantastic olive you will welcome you.