“Can Seuba” Routes

These are the routes which we ourselves have compiled throughout the region. We would like to share them with you or even accompany you as a guide if you wish.

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  • From Rellinars to Puig de la Balma: return route
  • Boades circular walk
  • Obac Mountain range circular walk
  • Circular walk in the Mountain of Montserrat, climbing Sant Jeroni
  • Les Fonts Route
  • Ginebral


  • Dry Stone Route

  • Boades circular walk
    • P1210693
    • P1210696
    • P1210705
    • P1210706
    • P1210709
    • P1210715
    • P1210740
    • P1210741
    • P1210758
    • P1210759
    • P1210769
    • P1210801

  • Excursión al Puig de la Balma
    • P1200733
    • P1200737
    • P1200741
    • P1200746
    • P1200748
    • P1200749
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