Montserrat is a mountain chain with a unique structure lies to the west of the River Llobregat, with its highest peak being 1,234 metres at the summit of San Jerónimo. Other peaks in Montserrat are: el Cavall Bernat, las Agulles, el Serrat del Moro, el Montgros, Sant Joan, la Palomera, etc. Montserrat mountain was declared a national park in 1987.

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To say it is a distinctive mountain chain is an understatement as its rock formations are spectacular. Another unique feature is the famous elevated Monastery of Montserrat, a

Benedictine monk’s retreat devoted to the Mother of God of Montserrat. (Madre de Dios de Montserrat).

Climbing in Montserrat

Due to its unique features, Montserrat is an ideal place for climbing and trying out the great variety of “vias ferratas” which cater for all levels.

  • Climbing: The region of “les Agulles” is a mythical place on a Montserrat

    climb, hundred of jagged rock faces providing different degrees of difficulty. The area above the monastery (Gorros and Sant Benet), are some of the most popular routes. El Cavall Bernat is one of the most interesting and typical ascents of Montserrat, along with the walls of the north, particularly the well known route of the vía de “la Paret de l’Aeri”.

  • Vías ferratas: The steep rock faces and cliffs which make up Montserrat, lend themselves to the activity of “vías ferratas” in which rungs and cables are permanently rigged to the surfaces. La Vía ferrata Teresina and Joc de l'Oca are the two most popular

    of these.